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Walk route
2  (blue)


Monuments & nature  (6 km).  

This route starts at the oldest train station building in the Netherlands; over the Old Hickory bridge in the direction of the center.


Walk through the historic (but recently rebuilt) city gate to the seat of the last city brewery in Valkenburg. You can reach the banks of the Geul via the old water mill (which can often be visited during the weekend).


You will pass the St. Jansbron and the blessed place of contemplation at the 'three statuettes' and you will reach the beautiful 11th century castle Schaloen in Oud-Valkenburg, where a tasty surprise awaits you in the gatehouse.


The route then continues along the Sjloensmolen, the heemen garden and a very rare 'tree of life' in the direction of the center of Valkenburg.


Along the way you will pass the small lake on the Geulstrand and reach the last host of this route on the edge of the built-up area. Of course you can also start at a different location because each route forms a circle.


Via the new Walram square and the city walls you can walk to the start of this route, the station.

The 4 routes d'Amuse 2019

Four different routes d'Amuse walking maps are offered with each fourstops, where you are being served a delicious little dish for each coupon from the route. Most of these restaurants have 10 or more years of experience with the route d'Amuse, yet strive to surprise their clients every year with original, tasteful dishes as a business card for their company. We are sure that most of them will succeed in their ultimate goal and one day see you returning to their establishment as a client for a dinner or another event.

The route descriptions are in Dutch language at this time. However; if you pick up and understand a few of the Dutch words and ask a fellow-hiker once in a while you will have not many problems on these routes. Especially since maps of the routes are included and your will find a detailed version on Google Maps: respectively for click maps for Route d’Amuse nummer 1Route d’Amuse nummer 2Route d’Amuse nummer 3 and Route d’Amuse nummer 4.

To all routes a number of discount coupons (valued € 2 each) are attached, for one of the underground Christmas markets in the Gemeentegrot or the Fluweelengrot, as well as for the kingdom of marlstone (Mergelrijk) or the Valkenburg' cable car to the Wilhelmina tower vista point and the underground winter wonderland. When turning in the attached little survey you automatically apply for cool prizes as free routes, tickets and dinners for two at one of the amuse-restaurants. Prizewinners are drawn January 21st and will be notified of their winnings in person.

Walk route
1 (yellow)



Heart of Valkenburg & more (4,5 km)

The varied route starts in the town centre at Pancakeparadise, near the two entrances to the underground Christmas markets.


A pancake of special alloi is one of the ingredients of this appetizer. The route goes via the heunsbergerweg to one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the region.

The hosts of the Wilhelminatoren serve your next appetizer at the weekend at the new mini Christmas market at the foot of the tower.


If you do not want to walk down through the forest, you can also take the cable car to the foot of the Heunsberg.


Your walk continues along the Sprookjesbos to Parkhotel; one of the largest and oldest hotels in Valkenburg.


You continue your route on the edge of the fastest flowing river in the Netherlands, past the lock and the mill in the direction of the Station, where you can enjoy the amuse of Bistrot Perron-21, located in the stately hotel Tummers; one of the 'founding fathers' in the 15-year Route d'Amuse tradition.


Enjoy the hospitality of the experienced entrepreneurs in this route.

Walk route
3  (red)



Valkenburg experience (5 km).  


In the heart of Valkenburg, next to the romantic old town hall with museum, this walk starts with its 1st amuse.

You follow the Geulkades along the old Nicolaaskerk and the rustic Kasteel den Halder along two city parks: the Halderpark and the Odapark.

After the recently completed Diepengaarde housing project you will reach the Polfermolen and the location of your next amuse in a cozy cycling café.

Beyond the entrances to the cozy underground Christmas markets you can reach the cannon at Berkelpoort and your third amuse restaurant via a historic stairway "d'n Dwingel". Walking along the banks of Geulstrand and Geul you will come to the cozy coach house / playground of Kasteel Oost; included in the Route d'Amuse for 15 years.

De Geul also leads meander the way to the center, via the lock, ingenious fish stairs and the restored city walls back to the start.

A route with many impressions and delicious appetizers.

Walk route
4  (green)



Valkenburg from the top (4 km).  


This walk also starts in the heart of our Christmas city, at the Geulpoort, Visit Zuid-Limburg and Santa's Village. Use your 1st amuse at a cozy family hotel that is affiliated with a Spanish restaurant.

Following the Geuloevers you will reach "Par'Cours", formerly the domain of the "de Leeuw" brewery. Now it is a stopping place for active people with a heart for sports and cycling in particular. Bicycle rental, sports center and everything around the bike and fishing.

From there, walk slowly through the forest on a mountain and you are at the top of the Cauberg, in the middle of the luxurious Landal Castle Park; enjoy their appetizer. Whether it will be a Sweet Kiss is the question ...

Downhill it will be a breeze (in wet weather you may have to walk a bit) to reach your next amuse, in the only underground restaurant in Valkenburg.

After this amuse you can still choose to visit the Christmas miniatures of Mergelijk or the famous Christmas cave of the Velvet cave; you pass it on your way back to the center; the place where you started the route. Experience and enjoy ...

Our restaurants have devised new special appetizers as a calling card for their companies, with which they will spoil you. Take your time and make it a pleasant afternoon. You will need an hour or four, but even if you were unable to use your last appetizer before 6 pm, it is good to know that you can finish the route on another day.

Each route map has four amuse coupons and two discount coupons worth € 2 for, among others,  the underground X-mas market in the Velver Cave ( Fluweelengrot), the cable cars Kabelbaan, Winterwonderland, X-mas in MergelRijk, en Valkenburg on Ice. The discount coupons are (just as the coupons for the 4 appetisers) valid during all of the christmas season 2019 and the extra "keeper-coupons" can even be used all summerseason of 2020 at Shimano Experience center or at Agogo Valkenburg. So you don't have to use them on the same day if it gets cozy or late during your amuse-walk.

At the Parking lot nest to the train station (Q-park) you can park your car safely for a daily rate of € 5,50. A number of municipal public parking grounds are also easy to find; you park your car there for € 1,90 per hour untill € 8 per day.

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