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Welcome to the Valkenburg' "route d' Amuse"

"Amuse-gueule" is the original French name for taste pleasures. Does our Valkenburg' river "de Geul" have anything about mouth-watering dishes in its name? You will experience it! For the fifteenth year in a row the Route d'Amuse organized in the X-mas season in Valkenburg. This year we offer four varied walks in and around the centre of town, each for € 11,95 per person. On average the walks take you over mostly comfortably passable roads and paths. These hikes, varying from 4 to 6 kilometers take around four hours to walk, because you are going to enjoy four appetizers that four restaurants have prepared for you.


You can order the amuses daily* from noon to 6pm (26 december until 4pm). Take at least 4 hours time for the walk, otherwise, you will very likely not be able to enjoy all of your four amuses before closing time. Children get an appropriate 'child-amuse' if you wish and for vegetarians most places also offer a suitable alternative as well.


Moreover, you can start with the appetizer (restaurant) of your choice because the routes form a circle. Keep in mind that some routes are planned in such a way (1 to 5), to avoid a walk in the dark though a dark or slick passage. All routes not only include the 'urban' part to walk you through our lovely Christmas town, but also use some of the beautiful nature that is surrounding our resort town.


Usually you could circumvent the challenging passages of the routes, e.g. if it is raining or snowing or if you walk with a stroller. Read details per route on the detail page or see the maps.

Well-behaved dogs and children are very heartily welcome at each amuse-restaurant.


Unfortunately, not all restaurants are accessible for wheelchairs and only some provide appropriate sanitation facilities (see the handicapped information page - dutch but graphic). The Organization will be happy to advise you in specific cases; mail here with


You can park on public car parks around the town centre (the rate is € 1.90 per hour / € 8  max. per day). Park at Q-Park at the trainstation for € 5,74 p.d.).

* The routes d'Amuse are available 15 november 2019 thru 5 january 2020, except december 24th, 25th, 31st and january 1st.


TIP: Sundays after december 1st are expedient yet very lively. If convenient on sundays start directly at noon, or walk last to 1st location, walk with small groups (10 persons) or plan to do it on weekdays and enjoy even extra and swifter service and space at each location.

Where do I purchase the routes?

The routes can be purchased cash in EURO at all participating restaurants. E.g. at the train station Stationnerie and in Valkenburg' centre the Brasserie Royal are starting points where you can buy the routes directly.  


At the Limburg' stores of our tourist office (e.g. on the Valkenburg' Theo Dorrenplein 5)

At the Webshop of the Route d'Amuse HERE ===========>

Many hotels and leisure organisations in the area will offer packages including one of the routes d'Amuse.

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